Strengths of X10

Use of multiple networking technologies

Unique combination of network across multiple technologies, including 2.4GHz transmission systems, X10 Power line Carrier (PCL), infrared (IR), radio frequency (RF), phone line, and Internet connectivity. These technologies enable to design products using technologies best suited to a specific application. A home network also support different configurations, such as a star or mesh network, to effectively cover a household area of 30 to 70 meters.

Cost-effective products that are easy to install and operate

By reducing the cost and complexity typically associated with home and small office networking products and technology, this technology offer consumers the opportunity to easily and affordably network their homes and small offices. To install the X10 with home products, X10 transmitter is joined with electronic plugs, and X10 receiver is connected with power line in the home. Moreover, wireless products allow consumers to implement networking solutions without the need for additional telephone jacks, electrical outlets or wiring.


The strength of this technology is that user can control any products in a large area where is covered wirelessly because X10 model provide the interface between wireless unit and the power line network, receiving wireless signals and generating the appropriate messages onto the power line. The range between wireless transmitter and the transceiver may obtain approximately a 100-foot, and user can also increase the communicate range by adding more transceivers.    


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