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Smart Home with X10 Technology

February 25, 2007


X10 technology is a communication which attempts to integrate hardware and software products in the home that provide system to transmit signal over the home power lines. These signals involve short RF bursts which represent digital information.

The challenge of this technology is to send the signal reliably, with relatively low-power, inexpensive cost. These products are lighting, control security, and heating control devices combined them to X10 network, and also it can include audio and video entertainment systems in the home. X10 technology may compatible products with more over 100 of home appliances. It allows the communication between the products in the home and home PCs control with high speed connection. The technique for communicate with each other is that transmissions are synchronized to the zero-crossing point of the AC power line. Nowadays, several X10 products may be help people to easily control their home appliances.  

As a wireless communication, X10 technology can enable control any electrical devices at any location in the house with no additional wiring by using transmitter and receiver. Initially, X10 products are simply install with home power supply electrical wiring. Users can plug X10 products (transmitter and Receiver) into their standard electrical devices, or replaced them to a stand current switch. To installation, each appliance will unique control signal. Then, transmitter in at one location sends a message in term of control signal (on, off, dim, bright, etc.) or even the temperature or other sensor reading to a receiver into another location in the home over the power lines, and the receiver detects the signal, decodes the message. This application can help users to control all appliances in the home by using only one wireless remote wireless control.


X10 Technology